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an odd request (to writers):

I've been scouring any Temeraire fic archives I can find for something particular, and I haven't found it yet. Something minor in Crucible of Gold made me wonder, and maybe it should go behind a cut tag, though it's not much of a spoiler...

"...and not content with stopping there came towards them, exclaiming, "Captain Laurence! I hope I find you in the best of health." He greeted Hammond and Granby on De Guigne's introduction with similar warmth..." (on Napoleon's arrival in Cusco.)

My question is this: Does Granby need to be introduced to Napoleon? Did he not meet him during the occupation of London when Iskierka was captured, or is it assumed that Napoleon didn't have time to meet with Granby while he was being kept in Kensington palace?

I got to thinking about how that first meeting, if it occurred, might have gone and eventually started looking for anything in that vein on AO3. Unfortunately, there are hardly any Temeraire fics that even include Napoleon! I never found what I was looking for.

So, what I'd really like to see is some Napoleon/Granby slash. Kinda weird, but not really weirder than a lot of pairings I find. I'm posting this in hopes that someone will be inspired to write it, or on the off chance that someone already has written it. It need not be explicit, or anything more than subtext, but Laurence's comment that Napoleon is "unreasonably fond of seduction" could be a starting point.

And at that, I wouldn't say no to some Napoleon/Laurence, either...

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Not a writer, but seconding this! It's not a pairing that I've considered before, but good point that Napoleon does indeed seem "unreasonable fond of seduction"... ;)

It's always been my assumtion that he did meet Napoleon, and had a No, Mr. Bond, I Expect You to Dine dinner while Lien became steadily more exasperated with Iskierka. I forget whether or not it's explicitly stated, but you would think that A) the captain of Britain's only fire-breater and B) someone who presumably knows a good chunk of the British resistance's strategy would be someone worth clearing one's schedule for.

Or maybe Napoleon is just pretending like he doesn't already know Granby, if the aforementioned seduction did take place. Hmm...
I'm glad you agree! That dinner in and of itself could be hilarious. I can just imagine Granby's awkward attempts to converse. I'm sure Napoleon would run right over him, since he doesn't really have Laurence's poise. It does seem unlikely that there wouldn't have been some meeting, even if Granby was only made prisoner for a day.

Do you know of anywhere I might post this as a challenge? I'm not too familiar with the Temeraire online fandom networks; I'm only here and on A03.
It does seem unlikely that there wouldn't have been some meeting, even if Granby was only made prisoner for a day.
Agreed! And the fact that he wasn't badly injured when Laurence and Tharkay caught up to him suggests (at least to me; can you tell I've given this waaaay too much thought?) that this meeting took place, since he wasn't roughed up and I'm pretty sure they didn't just lock him in that room and then forget about him all day.

And, lol, now I really want to see this, because, yes, Granby, as dearly as I love him, doesn't have Laurence's reserve, and would most certainly enter into a snark-off with Napoleon, which would be priceless and hilarious regardless of who would win.

There have been two kink memes (first one here, second one here), although, to my grief, neither of them really took off. There might actually be a Napoleon/Granby prompt in the first one, but it looks like it never got filled. :(
Either snarky, or completely overwhelmed and bewildered. Either way, it would be fun. Maybe I'll just end up writing it myself, although I'm still not at all familiar with the language and customs of the time period.

Thanks for the links! Lots of fun stuff there, even if no one picked up that particular prompt. That picture of Emily and Demane in the second one is just too adorable, with Kulingile floating along above them.
Well, the later one was posted two years ago. Maybe we could revive it or make a new one?
If you haven't already, you must read this. It's not exactly Napoleon/Granby, but it's hilarious and it does deal with Napoleon's fondness of (and skill at) seduction.

I agree with both of you that it does seem unlikely that Granby and Napoleon did not meet in London. Maybe Napoleon pretended that they hadn't met because the memory of the escape was too embarrassing and he wanted to pretend as if it had never happened?