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A Laurence - Temeraire Fan Journal

Temeraire Fans
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Hello and welcome to the Temeraire fan community!

Temeraire is the debut first novel beginning the widely-anticipated Temeraire series by the talented writer Naomi Novik. The novel, an AU historical fantasty, is set during the early 1800's, and creates a world where dragons were used as military weapons during the Napoleonic wars. A British naval commander, Captain Will Laurence, finds himself with an unexpected charge on his hands: a newly hatched, extremely intelligent dragon named Temeraire whom Laurence must befriend and lead into battle, a challenge that will be as difficult as it is life-changing--for both of them.

Read the first chapter of Temeraire!

"Temeraire is a terrifically entertaining fantasy novel. Is it hard to imagine a cross between Susanna Clarke, of Norrell and Strange fame, and the late Patrick O'Brian? Not if you've read this wonderful, arresting novel."

-- Stephen King

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Temeraire is currently available for pre-order from Amazon UK, US, Germany, Japan, and Canada!!!

Temeraire will be debuting in the U.K. in hardcover in January, and in the U.S. in March.

Community Rules and Guidelines

This community is open for all fans of Naomi Novik's writing and fans of the Temeraire series. There is no age-restriction to join, however we do ask that you abide by Livejournal's stated age requirements and policies.

What we welcome:
  • Any and all discussion of the series.
  • Fanfic and other fan-created content such as fanart and icons. Fanfic and fanart of all ratings is allowed; however, you must use age-appropriate warnings and spoiler-appropriate warnings for any and all fanfic and fanart posted here. Members who fail to do so will be given one warning and then be removed from the community.
  • Suggestions from our members as to what you would like to see here, and how we can make this community a better place.

    What we will not tolerate:
  • Flaming and otherwise incendiary behavior or harrassment.
  • Discussion or disclosure of private information about the author.
  • Ship wars. Discussion of pairings in the series is fine, but repeated arguing over ship preferences will not be allowed.

    Spoiler Policy:
    Temeraire is being released at different times across the globe. For this reason, all spoilers should go behind a cut tag until after the American edition comes out in March. If you are unsure how to make a cut tag, please see the faq for details.

    All posts which contain spoilers should also contain Spoiler Warnings. This goes for fanart and fanfic posts as well.

    We invite a broad range of topics both literary and historical related to Temeraire. If you're not sure whether something is on-topic, feel free to email the mod (jezrana) and ask!

    Temeraire's namesake: the H.M.S. Temeraire, depicted by J.M.W. Turner, 1838.

    Thank you and have fun!